Construction of pipeline systems

We might not be able to overcome physics - but we are able to use it! In order to develop effective pipe systems, expert knowledge of the requirements is essential: material properties (density, viscosity, temperatures), pump capacity, output and pipeline lengths. Hidromont, as a leading expert in the field of pipeline construction, has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the above requirements through years and years of experience.

Our areas of application include: the pharmaceutical industry (installation according to GMP), the food industry, VE-water pipes and WVI-lines, CIP-pipes, process control systems and more. The pipes and fittings are passed by Hidromont technicians on site, following exact plans or the customer's instructions.

The connections are welded according to the WIG welding method and inwardly formed. If required, they are documented and presented as an isometric model. The rules of EU GMP and FDA are strictly adhered to.

We pass pipelines in all kinds of established, high-quality steel, and we hold the required certifications for all the materials used.

Orbital welding

Orbital welding machines facilitate the welding of pipes and make it more accurate. The Hidromont group uses orbital welding machines from ARC, for example in the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. The welding process can be documented as well as printed. Various up-to-date accessories and many different welding heads ensure the fulfilment of every customer‘s individual requirements. Pipe diameter and wall thickness can vary, with pipe diameters ranging from 10mm to 23mm.