Deep pipeline construction

Hidromont’s areas of expertise include the construction of natural gas pipelines for the high-, medium and low-pressure range and of local gas supplies as well as the construction of heating-, oil-conveyor-, drinking-water- and sewege-pipelines. In addition, Hidromont looks back on years of experience in the sectors of high-pressure gas stations and gas pressure reducing stations.

For the long distance transportation of liquid and gaseous media, underground piping systems are of vital importance. Hidromont builds deep pipelines for the transportation of gas, water, chemical products and long distance heating. The Hidromont group assumes full responsibility for the excavation and pipe-laying processes and takes over the management of the entire construction project.

Hidromont provides its customers with detailed information on the planning, routing and construction of media supply lines and assists in the selection of materials. Information on valves and regulating organs of various types is discussed with our customers in detail.