Pipeline construction for power stations

High pressures and temperatures have an effect on the efficiency of thermal power stations, causing it to approach the 50% limit. Therefore, highly developed plants require pipelines made of special materials, such as the martensitic chromium steels E911, P91 and P92, which are able to withstand temperatures above 60° Celsius.

In the development of such pipeline systems, process planning is essential. Hidromont takes care of general and structural engineering as well as of the support concept. These tasks are carried out with the help of software programs of the client’s choosing. Together with the client, Hidromont develops a concept aiming at optimising pipeline systems and ensuring their quality, safety and efficiency. From the beginning of the planning process, experienced construction managers are involved, contributing to the decisions regarding placement of factory and assembly seams. Pipe spools are prefabricated and tested in our workshops.

Specially developed up-to-date software supports our highly qualified engineers throughout the planning phase and, at a later stage, helps them review the construction progress. Our pipelines are installed according to sophisticated installation concepts and put into operation in close cooperation with the customer.