The department of staffing at Hidromont Montage GmbH provides services for the construction of industrial facilities.

Our motivated employees are deployed on many construction sites throughout Austria and Central Europe. Our clients benefit from the deployment of Hidromont experts since that makes it easier for them to calculate the direct and indirect personnel costs. Hidromont also provides qualified and flexible specialists to compensate for short term personnel shortages.

Choose from our qualified and flexible staff for your projects


  • TÜV approved welders according to ÖNORM EN 287 (TIG, oxyfuel, MIG/MAG)
  • Pipe fitters and steel construction mechanics
  • Machinists/Hydraulics Assemblers
  • Ventilation Assemblers or Pump Assemblers
  • Construction Supervisors and Assembly Supervisors


Our well-balanced Hidromont Teams carry out your project timely and professionally.