Deep pipeline construction

Hidromont is engaged in the construction of natural gas transmission pipelines in the high-, medium- and low-pressure range, local gas supplies, district heating, oil transport, drinking water and wastewater pipelines and pressure pipelines.

Furthermore, the Hidromont Group can look back on many years of experience in the field of high-pressure natural gas stations and gas pressure reducing stations.
For the long-distance transport of liquid and gaseous media, buried pipelines are of fundamental importance.

Hidromont builds underground pipelines for the transport of gas, water, chemical products and district heating. The Hidromont Group has overall responsibility for civil engineering and pipe laying, and expertly handles the entire construction project.

Hidromont provides customers with detailed information on the planning, routing and construction of media pipelines and assists them in the selection of materials.

Information on shut-off and control devices as well as the entire media supply is considered in detail together with the customers.


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