Power station pipeline construction

Increasing pressures and temperatures influence the efficiency of thermal power plants so that it is increasingly approaching the 50% limit. Plants with the highest level of development therefore require tube systems made of special materials such as the martensitic chromium steels E911, P91 and P92, which can also withstand temperatures above 600°C.

Process planning is a crucial factor in the development of such tube systems. Hidromont takes care of the detailed design, piping statics and support concept.

The software can be chosen by the customer. Together with the customer, the Hidromont Group creates a concept to optimize plants and ensure characteristics such as quality, safety and economy.

Highly qualified site managers are already involved in the planning phase, contributing with their experience to the definition of plant and installation seams. Pipe spools are prefabricated and tested in the workshops.
The planning process and progress control of pipeline construction are supported by specially developed software.

Assembly is based on mature assembly concepts. Plant commissioning is carried out in close cooperation with the customer.