The manufacturing capabilities of the HIDROMONT Group include the prefabrication of pipe spools (carbon steel, stainless grades, special materials), pipe profiling, fittings, and steel construction.

In addition to prefabrication directly at site, the HIDROMONT Group has a prefabrication hall of 1000 m² at its headquarters in Guntramsdorf. There, pipes of various materials are processed into spools on a day to day basis.

Furthermore, investments are being made in the construction of 4 prefabrication halls of 2500 m² each in Slavonski Brod/Croatia. Production is expected to start there in 2022.

Thanks to the highly qualified technical employees and equipment, the HIDROMONT Group is able to prefabricate spools in such a way that no further adjustment work is required during assembly.

Due to our flexibility, we can supply spools at very short notice, according to your individual isometric drawings.

Pipe profiling: versatile precision

The SPC 500-1200 pipe cutting machine handles a wide range of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses, making it suitable for all applications. It comes with oxyfuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM interfaces.